Friday, May 4, 2007

Turbo the cross-eyed Chihuahua

Turbo, the cross-eyed Chihuahua, visited our office!

Here is Turbo with Silvia, Liz and Tine, the sniffing girls.

And yes, there are sniffing boys, too! Here is Turbo with Daniel and Greg.

Turbo is always ready to lend a paw if you need it!
Pictured below is Turbo helping Phil and Greg while they work at their desk.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tall Tails and Dog Heaven

If you live North of Boston and you drive to the city to go to work, you might be interested in Jordan's services for your dogs. A growing number of people are dropping off their dogs at Tall Tails, a day care, located at 2K Gill St., Woburn, MA, on their way to work in the morning. They then pick them up in the afternoon, at the end of the work day.

Jordan loves dogs, and pioneered his hobby into a business enterprise when he started Tall Tails 6 years ago, after working for a year in another day care.
He owns both Tall Tails, and Dog Heaven, a hiking service.

There are 40 to 60 dogs a day your dog can play with and the space is huge. When it is sunny and not too cold, dogs can run free in a very big fenced-in area.

If it is too cold, dogs play inside Tall Tails facility: they sleep in the beds or jump into a dog car!

During the day Jordan, personally, goes hiking in huge parks and reservoirs. Dogs jump in the truck, and after a short drive they have fun in the lake and can run off-leash. Two other dog lovers watch the dogs at the day care, in the meanwhile.

Dogs really have a lot of fun here: in the pictures you can see that they can take a bath in the swimming pool, have fun in the beds, and even relax at the shadow of a big colorful track.

At the end of the day, mom or dad come to pick up their happy dog! Ready to go to sleep after so much fun...

It was very lovely to spend some time talking with Jordan and assisting in the pick up "ceremony". There was nothing different from the care your child would be provided in a nursery!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dogs talk with their tails

We know that a dog wagging his tail means "I am so happy to see you!".
But did you know that the dog is expressing different feelings depending on which direction the tail is wagging?

This newly discovered feature about dog body language was presented in the study "Asymmetric tail - Wagging responses by dogs to different emotive stimuli" in a issue of Current Biology.
When dogs feel fundamentally positive about something or someone, their tails wag more to the right side of the rumps. When they have negative feelings, their tail wagging is biased to the left.

Pictured below are some dogs playing in Peters Park in Boston. How are they expressing their feelings towards each others?

The dog Jack and his owner in Newton. Does the body language and the direction of the tail-wagging of the dog express the same feeling?

Read more about this phenomenon in the Herald Tribune's article by Sandra Blakeslee:

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bubba visiting our office

Here is Bubba visiting our office!
We met Bubba during the Brighton All Dogs Play Group.

Bubba recently moved to Boston. He used to live with another dog, and when they got separated he was feeling very alone. New city, new house... Bubba needed new friends, too! To help Bubba to meet new dogs his owner Elisabeth started a meet up group. Bubba was shy at the beginning, but he became every day more social.

Check the Brighton All Dogs Play Group webpage if you think your dog would like to play with Bubba and his friends!
They usually meet at Brookline Playground (pictured below).

They also organize short trips to amazing beaches and parks around Boston.
Here is a cute pic of Bubba that Liz took at the beach.

Check here to see more pics of the pretty Bubba!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Going for a run around Peters Park

Now that Peters Park, the dog park in the South End, is under construction, and the area is noisy, some dogs prefer to run into the green area along Shawmut Ave, a few paws from the dog park.
Jack, the white dog in the pic, was at the park with his friend Stella and his owner Tracy.

And below are the sweet Sloan and Maude, who usually take a walk in this area with their owner Tom.