Friday, April 6, 2007

Adorable Dogs in Peter's Park

While strolling through Peter's Park, located on Washington Street in the South End, we met some adorable pups!

The small black and white dog,Yota, is a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix. He is pictured below with his dad, Dan.

Yota was also featured in an article on Boston.com. Quite a famous mug!

Pictured below are Mocha and Java who were named after another love of their owners'...coffee!

The association of volonteers Friend's of Peters Park is raising money for the project to make the park more aesthetically pleasing!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Green Dog Program

The Green Dog Program started in the town of Brookline in response to requests for off-leash areas in which dogs would be able to run free.
To get the inside scoop about this great program, we met up with Shari Lyon and her adorable dog Stoly at the Griggs Park. Shari informed us that Griggs is known as the park for small dogs, like her own, whereas, Amory Playground is more suitable for larger dogs. As all of the parks are open to the general public, there are certain times that allow for off-leash dog activity. These times are listed below.

Off-Leash Hours:

Dawn to 9:00 am
Daniel F. Ford Playground at Emerson Garden
(Waverly Road)
Mary E. Robinson Playground
(Cypress & Franklin Streets)
Corey Hill Park (Summit Avenue)
Coolidge Playground (Columbia Street)
Lotta Bradburn Shick Park (Addington Road)
Soule Recreation Center (Hammond Street)
Jean Waldstein Playground (Dean Road)

Dawn to 1:00 pm
Amory Playground (Amory Street)
Griggs Park (Griggs Road)
Harry Downes Field (Jamaica Road)
Daniel J. Warren Playground (Eliot Street)
9am to 1:00 pm, April through November
Dawn to Dusk, December though March
Brookline Avenue Playground (Brookline Avenue)
Larz Anderson Park (Newton Street) Note: Top of the hill area, Avon Street side ONLY. No off-leash dogs in children’s play area, pond or garden area.

Pictured above are dogs playing at Amory Playground during off-leash hours.

Read more about the Green Dog Program in this brochure:

For more information on the Town’s by-laws & Green Dog Program updates, log onto the Town website: http://www.townofbrooklinemass.com/Recreation/Policies.html

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Basil, faboulus and famous

In just one week, we have met two very famous pups! First, we were introduced toMurphy, who was issued a citation for taking himself on a walk without his owner...or leash! Yesterday, we met Basil who is known for his modeling work. Basil is the official spokesdog for Draper Canine Therapy that specializes in producing
therapeutic dog beds.

Basil can also be spotted in ads for Echo Silverware!
Basil and his owener, Cindy, met us at the Garden of Eden, located at 571 Tremont St. This quaint cafe organizes several gourmet events, in collaboration with Lionettes Market. The following is a list of some of the events!

Saturday 7 April 2007, noon-5 p.m.
Market test some chocolate treats at Lionette's Market
It is free!
Kory from Shootflying Hill chocolate sauce will be in Lionette's market testing out her decadent chocolate treats and sharing recipes. Come in and indulge yourself: she's not only an amazing chocolate (and other sweets) sauce maker, she has a great personality (our staff always loves to have her doing in-store demos!).

Sunday April 1st
Garden of Eden's Patio Opens for the Season!
A true mark of Spring in Boston's South End, the neighborhood's legendary patio will usher in the new season by offering you a place to eat comforting and delicious fare from clean, local, and sustainable farms. If it's a little chilly, grab a wrap or a sweater and enjoy the pleasure of eating outdoors (because you know food always tastes better outside, anyway).

and here is our favorite:

Wednesday 18 April 2007, 7-9 p.m.
Slow Food Wednesday's "A Pile of New England Cheeses"$25
That's 12 cheeses being served by the farmers and producers who make them. They will be on hand to discuss local cheese making. To make a reservation: 617.778.0360
Last month we participated to the "Pig Event" and we can guarantee that it was really a lot of fun: food and wine were delicious, and the people attending really friendly.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Beacon Hill dogs calendar

In Beacon Hill there is an elegant shop called Four Preppy Paws, that we visited last Saturday. Heidi, the owner, is also furnishing the delicious Polka's Bakery in the Back Bay area. What I liked most is the calendar they created featuring dogs from the area. The pictures are spectacular! The talented photographer is Margaret Crow, who spent a total of 9 months on the project. Below are some other pictures she took.

Monday, April 2, 2007

A dog meet-up at Brookline Avenue Playground

On Sunday morning all kinds of dogs and their owners meet at Brookline Avenue Playground. Elisabeth Carver is here with her dog Bubba and has organized this meet-up yesterday. She is new to Boston and thinks it's great to socialize with other dog owners and dogs in the area. There are new meet-ups every Saturday or Sunday in different parks. Check the next meet-up at Brighton All Dogs Play group!

Turbo is the small chuihuaha sitting on the child's lap. He has just celebrated his fist birthday, he is 1 year old, and it's his first time at a dog meet-up. Little bit shy, the safest place to be is in somebody's arms! In the next picture Silvia takes care of him.

And here is Turbo with our friend and colleague Phil.

Parker (in the picture belove) is also a young dog, and he has never met so many dogs gathered at one time. He is little bit overwhelmed, but the meet up is a great opportunity to get used to other dogs and get socialized.

Take a look at our calendar to see even more meet-ups and events for dogs.
See you next time!