Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Basil, faboulus and famous

In just one week, we have met two very famous pups! First, we were introduced toMurphy, who was issued a citation for taking himself on a walk without his owner...or leash! Yesterday, we met Basil who is known for his modeling work. Basil is the official spokesdog for Draper Canine Therapy that specializes in producing
therapeutic dog beds.

Basil can also be spotted in ads for Echo Silverware!
Basil and his owener, Cindy, met us at the Garden of Eden, located at 571 Tremont St. This quaint cafe organizes several gourmet events, in collaboration with Lionettes Market. The following is a list of some of the events!

Saturday 7 April 2007, noon-5 p.m.
Market test some chocolate treats at Lionette's Market
It is free!
Kory from Shootflying Hill chocolate sauce will be in Lionette's market testing out her decadent chocolate treats and sharing recipes. Come in and indulge yourself: she's not only an amazing chocolate (and other sweets) sauce maker, she has a great personality (our staff always loves to have her doing in-store demos!).

Sunday April 1st
Garden of Eden's Patio Opens for the Season!
A true mark of Spring in Boston's South End, the neighborhood's legendary patio will usher in the new season by offering you a place to eat comforting and delicious fare from clean, local, and sustainable farms. If it's a little chilly, grab a wrap or a sweater and enjoy the pleasure of eating outdoors (because you know food always tastes better outside, anyway).

and here is our favorite:

Wednesday 18 April 2007, 7-9 p.m.
Slow Food Wednesday's "A Pile of New England Cheeses"$25
That's 12 cheeses being served by the farmers and producers who make them. They will be on hand to discuss local cheese making. To make a reservation: 617.778.0360
Last month we participated to the "Pig Event" and we can guarantee that it was really a lot of fun: food and wine were delicious, and the people attending really friendly.

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