Monday, April 2, 2007

A dog meet-up at Brookline Avenue Playground

On Sunday morning all kinds of dogs and their owners meet at Brookline Avenue Playground. Elisabeth Carver is here with her dog Bubba and has organized this meet-up yesterday. She is new to Boston and thinks it's great to socialize with other dog owners and dogs in the area. There are new meet-ups every Saturday or Sunday in different parks. Check the next meet-up at Brighton All Dogs Play group!

Turbo is the small chuihuaha sitting on the child's lap. He has just celebrated his fist birthday, he is 1 year old, and it's his first time at a dog meet-up. Little bit shy, the safest place to be is in somebody's arms! In the next picture Silvia takes care of him.

And here is Turbo with our friend and colleague Phil.

Parker (in the picture belove) is also a young dog, and he has never met so many dogs gathered at one time. He is little bit overwhelmed, but the meet up is a great opportunity to get used to other dogs and get socialized.

Take a look at our calendar to see even more meet-ups and events for dogs.
See you next time!

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