Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dreaming of being a dog while visiting Just Dogs Gourmet

If you happen to be in Newton and you want to spoil your dog with some really special treats you could stop by Just Dogs Gourmet in Newton Center. We payed a visit to this shop just before lunch time and we were drooling. But the treats are just for dogs tough..!

We met Kim (in the picture, in front of a wall of pics of her customers), a nice lady who works in the shop.
She explained us that the gourmet cookies and candy bars sold here are made solely from dog friendly ingredients. As dogs are unable to metabolize the chemical substance in chocolate called theobromine, the "chocolate" on the cookies is actually a natural product called carob and not only looks like the real thing but is similar in taste as well!

Just Dogs Gourmet has cool accessories as well, like jewelery and dog clothes, and a grooming salon in the back of the shop!

You can visit their webpage here:

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