Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Italian Greyhound meet up

We decided to get a dog!
Meet ups are one of the best opportunities to understand which breed would match better for us, so today I went to the Italian Greyhound meet-up, at the Doggy Day Playcenter in the South End. Around 25 dogs attended, and for now they are on the list of my favourite dogs (being Italian helped them!).
I met Donna there (left, with her sweet Robin - her husband Jake is behind her), who is an expert on the breed. These dogs are similar to cats for many reasons, she said. Other than elegant, they don't smell and they don't drool. They can jump as high as a cat with their long muscled legs, so they need to play in a place with a high wall, or they can run away.
If a bird is around, they get out of control, and start to run trying to catch it. Many Italian Greyhound owners I spoke with seemed worried about losing their dogs. For this reason, this kind of dog needs a leash all the time, a special kind of leash that fits with their heads.
Their tiny legs can easily get broken, and fixing them can cost up to 3.000$. Also, their feet are delicate and need to be cleaned every day, as these dogs don't normally like shoes (but they do like polish nail a lot!). It is important to wash their feet (during the winter, the salt on the streets of Boston hurts them) and to brush their teeth every evening.

They look like really social dogs, and their owners too!


Anonymous said...

ciao Sivia!abbiamo appena letto la tua mail e guardato il link al blog, รจ bellissimo!!quanti cani!ma che invidia la convention dei carlini!se hai bisogno di foto di cani, mi raccomando, fammi sapere! sei bellissima, baci da Marri & Giulia!
p.s. sul mio blog ho messo alcune foto delle lauree di giulia e jari!
Hello from Italy!beautiful dogs!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I couldn't make the meetup because of new puppies in the home, but I certainly enjoy seeing photos of everyone, as a second best. Thanks for taking them. Jane Hodge, Venezia IGs, Cambridge, MA