Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Birthday party for the Chihuahua Cucuy and friends

It was a big day for the small Chihuahua Cucuy when her second birthday was celebrated last Saturday at the Doggy Day Play center. Around ten of her pup friends and meet-up pals from the Boston Chihuahua Meetup Group were invited to join in the festivitites. Cucuy looked like a little princess in her red and black ballerina dress. Her toe nails were painted red for the occasion and she had a silver necklace around her neck that gave her all the attention that a birthday pup deserves. Cucuy and her mom Amy (in the pic) both like Hello Kitty: Amy has a Hello Kitty necklace, and Cucuy is wearing a Hello Kitty pin.

Both pups and their humans enjoyed the party and food and drinks that were provided.

The white cake was for the owner's birthday guests while the red cake was for the dog's. The dogs also had their own peanut butter ice-cream made especially for pets from J.P. Licks!

After singing the birthday song and eating cakes and other goodies it was time to open the presents. Cucuy and Amy have prepared a wish list at 'sPoochies boutique to make easier for the guests to find a great gift for the birthday-pup. Cucuy got fancy clothes, a bag, a life jacket, treats, a framed photo of herself and many toys that all the dogs at the party enjoyed playing with.

You can organize a birthday party for your pet at home yourself or you can ask Rob at Doggie Day in 400 Tremont Street in Boston, MA 02116 to help you. He will arrange and take care of everything from the location to food, games and decorations.

At the end of party, guests could write a little greeting for Cucuy on a big banner on the wall (in the picture Cucuy and Amy in front of the banner).
The party was a lot of fun. Thanks for the invite Amy and Cucuy!


Siete bellissimi said...

really really really cute!!! i want a little cute chiuaua too!!

ps.mayones sei bellissima

Anonymous said...

she is the cutest pup i've ever seen!!!!


OMG Amy, Cucuy looks so adorable and all grown up I feel so proud she came from my home.

Thanks for the update!