Thursday, April 12, 2007

Help Ronan Park in Dorchester!

Some dogs are really lucky: here is Buckner, a 7-year-old greyhound. His mom Paige is working hard to get him a fenced-in park in Ronan Park, in Dorchester, MA so he can run free (off-leash). The battle for off-leash parks involves more neighborhoods than just Dorchester. To help this cause, visit the website.
The best time to take your dog to Ronan Park is on a nice sunny weekend evening between 4 and 6pm. There will certainly be a few people out with their dogs. As Paige told us, dogs have fairly strict leash laws. Other parks in the area include Dorchester Park and Pope John Paul Park which is on the Neponset River.

Join in the festivities by participating in the Dorchester Day Parade on June 3, 2007!
Details and sign-up information can be found at: http://www.rodogrun.org/parade.htm/

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