Friday, April 20, 2007

"Year of the dog" movie makes aware about pet adoption

The yesterday Boston preview screening of the movie "Year of the dog" was less exciting than expected. Public's murmurs at every puppy's appearance and laughts at multiple dogs' scenes were a sign that Mike White, at his first direction, was able to move dog owners' hearts, but in general I expected to see more dogs in the movie.
The movie ends up to be a story about love for animals, especially animals (and people) in need to be rescued. We've seen a lot of rescued pigs, cows, and chickens, other than dogs. The movie keeps his strict canine identity with the "politically uncorrect" choice of not mentioning cats.

"Year of the dog" will hopefully help to increase adoption of dogs from shelters. The movie is discussing important issues for shelters, as the choice of euthanasia when a dog has serious behaviour or health problems, and he or she is unlikely to be adopted.

There are a lot of dogs in need. A few days ago we visited the City of Boston Animal Shelter (below), located in 26 Mahler Road, Roslindale.

The manager, Mark Giannangelo, showed us many homeless dogs and cats there. Pets with a sad or violent story behind are the most likely to be adopted. For example, pets who lost a leg or were hurt by their previous owners normally found a house pretty quickly.

The less popular dogs are the Pit bulls. There was a sweet puppy, Bubba (in the pic above), that is waiting for a home since 3 months, a time that is longer than average. Bubba, as all dogs there, passed the behaviour test, and he is not aggressive as many people may believe.

Some dogs visit the shelter with their owner, like the puppy below. He is there to get his licence.

If you want to help, you can check the shelter's pet adoption list at Petfinder.
If you don't want adopt a pet, you can contribute through gifts certificates.
You can also ask some pet shops how you can help. For example, starting in Thanksgiving, 'sPoochies boutique, located in 400 Tremont St, is collecting money and gifts for Christmas to donate to the the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

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