Friday, April 27, 2007

A Little Woman at Amory Playground in Brookline

Amory Playground is one of the largest parks in Brookline. In the afternoon, local students often play soccer or baseball here, but from dusk on and in the morning until 1 pm, you can let your dog run off leash!

One of the park's neighbours that takes her dog to this park is Beth (pictured below). Her 1.5 year old lab mix has been rescued from a shelter. Her name is Chloe, but this is not her real name. Beth tells us the funny and amazing story about the origin of her and her dog's names that lead them two together.

Beth's name comes from the book "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott. Chloe's original name was Beth, like her owner! Chloe, and her siblings at the rescue center were all named after the sisters (the main characters) in "Little Women." To make it easier for the family, the dog Beth received the new nick name Chloe.

Duffy, the beautiful Wisla in the picture below, is 3 year old and he is visiting the park together with his owner Dror.

Dror and Duffy are both from Israel and they have only been in Boston for 4 months, so going to the park is a good opportunity to find new friends!

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