Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fenced-in dog park in Charles St

Here is one of the few fenced-in dog parks in Boston.
The park is located at the intersection of Warrengton and Charles St, close to the Milner hotel, a few blocks away from Boston Common.
There are normally less than ten dogs at the same time here. Most of the dogs play at the park during the morning and late afternoon.

Meet Lucy, a gorgeous and very active Golden Doodle who loves come here and play with her dad Matt!


Shelly said...


I just adopted a dog, and I live in Kendall Square. I saw the Charles Street dog run pictures - that's in south boston right? If you have any recommendations for dog runs / play groups near me, I'd appreciate it!



Silvia and Tine said...

Hi Shelly,
you can check in www.meetup.com for dog meetups. Most of them are in Boston but I know there is a pug meetup in Cambridge. We regularly update our calendar in this website with dog events, like meetups and playgroups.
Unfourtunately I don't know any dog parks in Cambridge. This park is in South Boston, yes. Does anyone know any dog park in Cambridge? Thanks!

Shelly said...

Thanks for the info about meetups! I heard there was a dog park across the bridge (Mass Ave) on the Boston side but that it was not very clean. That's the closest dog park I'm familar with in the Cambridge area.