Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Four Preppy Paws

Heidi Barraza owns Four Preppy Paws, the high-end pet shop located in 103 Charles Street, in Beacon Hill, Boston. Heidi opened the shop last year and she manages it with the important help of Cricket and Chatham Barraza.
The management team is pictured above!

The shop offers a variety of clothes, accessories and treats. They also commissioned the Beacon Hill dogs calendar.

The little Nicolas, pictured below, visited the shop with his puppy Woody and his mom. He is feeding Woody with a cookie that Heidi gave to him. Heidi is selling delicious treats, including cookies from Polka Dog Bakery.

While we were at the shop, one of Heidi's customers walked in and referred that her sister's dog died after eating some dog food she bought at Trader's Joe. The brand wasn't in the pet food recall list , but it was produced by one of the companies selling other brands that are in the list.
We are very sorry for the small Yorkshire Terrier. With Heidi your dog is as safe as houses: the food she sells is organic and you are not running any risk.

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Anonymous said...

Four Preppy Paws is my favourite shop! Heidi is great!