Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A visit to Dr. James Sawyers' hospital in East Boston

Last week, we met with Dr. James Sawyers who practices at two clincs, one in East Boston (East Boston Animal Hospital) and the other in South Boston.
Dr. Sawyers and his staff at the East Boston Animal Hospital were very friendly and shared with us, a great deal of thie expertise in the animal care field. Pictured below is Tine in the clinic.

Dr. Sawyers even let us observ a dental care procedure beeing performed on Cam, a cat (pictured below in the arms of Maria).

Pictured above is Dr. Sawyers with his winning smile, holding a photo of his dog, Taz, the first dog in Boston that was having her cells collected for future cloning.

Among the services provided from the clinic, there is Flavor Veterinary System, that makes your pet's medication taste like delicious flavors such as chicken pot pie, shrimp cocktail, mother's milk, or mom's banana bread, among others.

The East Boston Animal Hospital is located in 1007 Saratoga St, in East Boston, MA. Check out the Boston Veterinary Associates web page for more information.

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