Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"Ask the trainer session" with Vera Wilkinson

Last Saturday Vera Wilkinson, certified pet dog trainer held a "Ask the trainer session" in the pet shop Cause to Paws in Brookline. People could come with their dogs to the shop and question Vera about every thing from behaviour problems to training of their puppy.

Vera answered the queries and suggested solutions on the dog owners concerns. Vera also talked about the dogs heritage from the wolfs and the dog as a pack animal in the family, and that you rather should act as a leader to the dog, than a member of the pack to train your dog new things. She talked about different training methods like clicker training, one of here favorite training methods:

"Dogs love it and become willing partners in the training process. Briefly, a clicker is a noisemaker that when paired with food gives your dog a clear signal that a specific behavior is desired. Once a behavior is learned, the clicker and food are no longer necessary. Of course, you can still give your dog a treat!"

In the pic below is the pretty bull dog Maddison in the arms of her owner Jonathan coming to Cause to paws to hear Vera's speak.

And here is the 4 months old puppy Bonzai sitting on his owners lap.

Vera offers different classes for dog training, for puppy's and adults, private in home training, agility, tricks and games and behaviour consulting. She also holds work shops and seminars.

Here next talk is at Cause to paws
Saturday, May 19th from 3-4pm

"What To Do With A Puppy! Have you read too many books and are now totally confused? Vera outlines your puppy's first four months of development and what you should be doing now in order to have a well-behaved adult dog later. Don't miss this window of opportunity!"

For more information take a look at Vera's web page The Pet needs company

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