Monday, May 7, 2007

The Pet Shop Girls

Do you have a dog and a cat? A good place where to buy food and accessories is the The Pet Shop Girls, located in 12 Union Park St, close to Shawmutt Ave, in the South End area of Boston, MA.

Open the door and Pedro, the cat who lived here since ever, will welcome you. This is your last month to have a chance to pet Pedro! In fact, Pedro, and all the shop are moving. Pedro will be adopted by one of the employees, and the shop will be relocated at the Doggie Day facility, in 400 Tremont St.

Other than Pedro (reason n. 1!) my personal main reason to go to the Pet Shop Girls is the good quality food they sell, and specifically the frozen food. Another reason is that they have the most furnished cat section of the area (other than a dog section), including treats, food, toys and accessories.

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